Studio Pébéo – Acrylic Paint


Studio Pébéo – Acrylic Paint


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Fine quality, satin mat finish, versatile, adherent and suitable for working with the material, bright and pigmented colors.

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Weight .163 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 4 × 15.5 cm

Azo Pink A55, Burnt Sienna A38, Burnt Umber A29, Cadmium Green Hue A43, Cadmium Orange Hue A32, Cadmium Red Hue A33, Cerulean Blue A28, Chrome Green Hue A60, Dark Cadmium Yellow Hue A52, Dark Cobalt Violet Hue A47, Fluorescent Orange A370, Fluorescent Pink A371, Fluorescent Yellow A372, Hooker's Green A44, Iridescent Blue Black A360, Iridescent Blue-Green A357, Iridescent Green-Yellow A359, Iridescent Orange Yellow A353, Iridescent Red Blue A354, Iridescent Violet Blue A356, Lemon Cadmium Yellow Hue A22, Mars Black A26, Metallic Copper A355, Metallic Gold A352, Metallic Rich Gold A350, Metallic Silver A351, Naphtol Carmine A18, Naples Yellow Hue A24, Opaque Light Ultramarine Blue A25, Opaque Primary Cyan A49, Opaque Primary Yellow A48, Opaque Vivid Pink A45, Payne's Grey A40, Phtalocyanine Blue A17, Phtalocyanine Green A42, Primary Magenta A50, Prussian Blue Hue A56, Raw Sienna A36, Raw Umber A64, Yellow Ochre A27




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