The goal of our courses is to gain a better self-expression through the different mediums of art, language and song.

With us you have access to all these forms of expression thanks to our professional staff!

By registering in one of our courses, you will find all the material in our store that you’ll need to accomplish your project.

Charcoal & Graphite Drawing

The use of charcoal and graphite in drawing, sketching and doodling is still widely used and one is of the preferred tools in drawing. These two mediums are different though, however; both are wonderful tools for drawing, shading, blending, sketching, etc... In this class you'll learn the difference between the two mediums and techniques related [...]

Wood Carving

Wood carving has been around as both an artform and a necessity for centuries. From beautiful artform sculptures to various home furnishings and everything in between carving can be a great way to immortalize our creative sides. This course can teach you the basics of sculpting and adding decorative touches to your various projects. Class [...]

Metal Embossing

Metal embossing can be used in all sorts of creative ways to add flavor to your mixed media art projects. Using various tools, this course can teach you some basics techniques to get you started and intermediate techniques to keep you growing. Class taught by Pierre Couture or Diane Couture

Sculpting & Modeling

Sculpting and modeling is another artform that has been around for centuries. In order to create figurines or decorative pottery, this class will help you explore this artform by teaching the various techniques and tools, and help you explore your creative side. Class given by Pierre Couture

Furniture Finishing

Finishing furniture for your home and restoring wood have been traditional art forms and ways to express oneself.  This course will introduce you to the various techniques to restore and preserve wood furnishings, while learning to add a spark of personality to the mix. Products to be explored are Milk paint, chalk paint, wax and […]

Oil Painting

Oil painting is a classical artform where the artist is painting with pigments, generally on a quality canvas. This type of painting offers great flexibility in the sense that the paint can be very opaque or even be thinned with solvents to achieve different looks and variations. This course will teach you the basics, and […]

Faux Vitrail

Fake stained glass or faux vitrail is an alternative way of the traditional stained glass which created beautiful art with pieces of coloured glass held together with lead bands. With faux vitrail, did you know that you can also achieve very similar results using some simple supplies and techniques? In this course we will teach […]

Painting and Projects with Mixed Techniques

Painting and projects with mixed techniques offers the artist flexibility in their choice of materials and techniques, often resulting in very unique creations which can add depth and meaning to the creation. In this class students are encouraged to create using different techniques like collage, faux finishes, pouring medium amongst others. Class is taught by [...]

Acrylic Paint

Painting with acrylic is very versatile.  When combined with different mediums it can adhere to a variety of surfaces.  It's cleaned up simply with soap and water but is permanent when dry.  In this course the student learns to harness the techniques necessary to working with acrylic paint and creating beautiful masterpieces. Class taught by [...]

English – Second Language conversation

Learning a second language can be challenging. Art & Hobby can help you learn the basics of English in a conversational setting with an experienced teacher. Expand your horizons and learn the basics. We are never too old to learn, from 1 to 99 years old we can help you. Class taught by Rena Detlefsen


Singing is a great way to express artistic creativity through sound. This class explores various musical techniques and vocal training to help the student find their own sense of individuality and style. From beginners, to classical choir and everything in between. Class taught by Rena Detlefsen